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0.2 Update
There has been a new update on RoyalMC!
 Update 0.2 - Smelting Overhaul •   Sparxez
 47 •  3 months ago

Hey all! We have finally released the first major update for RoyalMC! We know you have been waiting for a new smelting system, so here it is! You can now use fuel sources to lower the cooldown of smelting. Along with this, you can upgrade your furnace to increase the quantity of items you smelt at a time!

 Major Announcement •   Sparxez
 65 •  4 months ago

Hello everyone! We haven’t given any updates on what's going on in a while, so here’s a huge list of updates / changes that has happened so far! Quick side note, we have found our host that we will be sticking with for a while and it runs really well with RoyalMC’s development process! 



The discord has been remodeled entirely. New announcements, sneak peaks, ect will now be everyone pings instead of announcement pings.



We have hired Toaninja as a Trial Moderator.

We have found 2 new partners.

AgcTookUrPotato and Skcq have sadly resigned. Thank you for your hard work during your time as st...

 Teasers •   Sparxez
 72 •  6 months ago

2 teasers have been uploaded to the official RoyalMC YouTube channel! 

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3zzmMG1vmzfYqKlTrtbDmg
Teaser 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gadblVE-RZs
Teaser 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaWpHdPzaMA


We will be giving more info soon!


Strqfe has been hired as a Jr. Moderator!


AgcTookUrPotato has been promoted to Trial Builder!



Chappyjt the staff manager has resigned.


Staff Applications Closed

Staff applications closed 10/25/2020 and may reopen for new ranks soon!

Server Updates

A gameplay document and draft is in the works currently. More info on the document and draft will be publicly released soon!

 Staff Applications •   Sparxez
 147 •  6 months ago

Staff applications have been reopened for trial mods, trial builders, trial developers, youtubers, and partners! Staff applications end on 10/25/2020.