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0.2 Update
There has been a new update on RoyalMC!


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by Sparxez » 4 months ago

Hello everyone! We haven’t given any updates on what's going on in a while, so here’s a huge list of updates / changes that has happened so far! Quick side note, we have found our host that we will be sticking with for a while and it runs really well with RoyalMC’s development process! 



The discord has been remodeled entirely. New announcements, sneak peaks, ect will now be everyone pings instead of announcement pings.



We have hired Toaninja as a Trial Moderator.

We have found 2 new partners.

AgcTookUrPotato and Skcq have sadly resigned. Thank you for your hard work during your time as staff.



Applications are now open for moderators, builders, developers, partners, and youtubers!



So far the entire map, spawn, and warps are finished in terms of building! Some of this has been shown in preview on the RoyalMC YouTube channel! We keep expanding the map to add more game play and plan for future updates after release or during development!



Originally, RoyalMC was going to have custom coded plugins, however, due to the complexity required, for the time being prebuilt plugins had to be used to keep on schedule.



We are trying really hard to release by Christmas, we don’t know how likely it is but we are trying very hard every day to work on it. We hope the end result will make up for such a long wait on everything. 


Thank you for supporting the server. More updates will be provided soon!